Bouwbiologie – worldwide

Today we received this mail from Australia. Thanks to online-media we reached the other part of the world with our initiative. At the moment we concentrate on the  Benelux (mainly The Netherlands and Belgium) but are very glad that people around the world see the necessity of BAUBIOLOGIE (building biology, bouwbiologie)!

Hopefully more people – also in The Netherlands and Belgium – stand up and make bouwbiologie a common part of housing and building practice and legislation.

[…] I have the feeling that  there are a lot of people in the English speaking world and beyond either active or interested in the subject  you call bouwbiologie, including here in Australia.  As a local government (gemeente-)  Town Planner I have had many discussions over the years with colleagues of a number of disciplines about such matters and changes in building practices and many other practices with hints to keep an eye on what is happening overseas.  Changes have been evident throughout this country too. Research, its publication, seminars and reviews of practice guidelines have  caused changes in legislation and in practices.
 I appears to me that where news is generated by your efforts that the whole ( now a lot smaller) world could benefit. The network you refer to could be greater. The world is no longer only the western world.
At the same time you do not want to re-invent the wheel, so where new ideas have already been worked out elsewhere, you would wish to be advised of the results…
In the end, the visibility of the IBB in the world would be far greater if there is an alternative page where your website shows a translation in English. Also Academics of all countries would able to contact you from all over the world, should they be involved in new related projects, and v v. Your partners in UK and US would also love to be able to read what you are doing  …
 Kind regards
 Peter Reynders RON
If you like to get more information on the study of bouwbiologie, you are invited to visit one of the information sessions held in The Netherlands and Belgium during january and february 2013 (

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